We are an experimental astroparticle physics research group at the Georgia Institute of Technology. We specialize in the observation of very-high-energy (VHE) gamma-rays with imaging atmosphere Cherenkov telescopes (IACT). We analyze data taken with VERITAS and participate in the development and construction of a novel telescope type for the next generation VHE instrument CTA.

Our main research motivation is to understand the acceleration of charged particles (cosmic rays) and to use gamma-rays as probes of Lorentz invariance violation but we also deviate and do other interesting research in the VHE band.

Our group has extensive know how in characterizing semiconductor photon detectors and classical photomultipliers in our laboratory. Photon detectors are a key component in any VHE instrument and a detailed understanding necessary to make full use of the information in the recorded data.

We also maintain a software package to simulate the camera and readout of Cherenkov telescopes. Monte Carlo simulations are an essential tool to predict the performance of VHE instruments and understand the data.

Students or graduate students interested in participating in our research are welcome to contact us.