Group Members

 Head of Group  

Assoc. Prof. A. Nepomuk Otte
not up-to date Curriculum Vitae

Graduate Students

Alasdair Gent

Undergraduate Students

Former Group Members

Steve Hooper
Eliza Gazda (now PhD student at Georgia Tech)
Jade Meurer
Case Edgerton
Peet Sterling (now researcher at Georgia Tech aerospace)
Dhruv Purushotham
Distefano Garcia
Nathanial Wilson
Gregory Richards (now postdoc at University of Delaware)
Than Nguyen
Kevin Meagher (now research staff at WIPAC)
Matt Carrol (now staff at Georgia Tech)
Sai Im (physics) now graduate student at PennState
Robert Leonard
Kane McKinney (aerospace engineering) now at Williams International as an aerospace engineer for the Expansion Group
Bobbey Reese
Robert Strausbaugh (physics) now graduate student at Arizona State University
Nam Tu
Fahad Vora (mechanical engineering)