Neutrino and Gamma-Ray Astrophysics

We unravel the universe’s most enigmatic and energetic objects in the sky by observing neutrinos and gamma rays. We also use these cosmic messengers to probe for new physics: Is there a quantum structure of space-time? Do the fundamental forces unify at the highest energies? 

Our group develops cutting-edge and transformational astroparticle instruments. We are leading the Trinity experiment and are participating in NASA’s POEMMA mission, both of which detect neutrinos of the highest energies. We are also members of the VERITAS very-high-energy gamma-ray observatory and participate in developing the next-generation VHE instrument, the Cherenkov Telescope Array CTA.

Our group has extensive know-how in characterizing and developing light sensors sensitive to individual photons. In-depth knowledge of these devices helps us fully exploit the scientific potential of astroparticle experiments that use them. In collaboration with Prof. Dupuis’ group at Georgia Tech, we are developing the world’s best III-V compound semiconductor ultra-violet photon detectors.

Our research is funded with grants from